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"Companies spend more than $370 billion on leadership development programs, yet 5 out of 6 HR heads are dissatisfied with the results"1

"More than 74% of leaders report they are unprepared and lack the training for the challenges they face in their roles"2

"40% of new CXOs fail to meet performance expectations in the first 18 months"3

Introducing CXprO

  • Inspire

    "A leadership trait that most matters
    - ability to inspire"

  • Improve

    "Today’s leaders enhance performance
    through digital transformation."


    "Effective leaders combine skills
    and focus for business impact."

  • Influence

    "Leadership is influence."

  • Identify

    "Leaders don't fix problems, they
    turn them into opportunities"

  • Innovate
    To Scale

    "Leaders foster a culture of
    experimentation and risk taking"

CXprO: A Practitioner-led Approach

It’s not what but
from who you learn

Executive Access to Leaders
who have been there and done that

  • 100+ Years of CXO
  • 50+ Industry
    Grand Masters

It’s not what but
how you learn

Experiential Learning through
Storytelling and Case Studies

  • 400+ Real World
  • 220+ Case Studies

Learn from the successful leaders

Practitioner-Led Curriculum

Module 1
Executive Presence

  • Personal Excellence
  • Personal Branding
  • Networking

Module 2
Leadership Communication

  • Winning Presentation
  • Art of Storytelling
  • Professional Writing

Module 3
High-Performance Teams

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Hiring Right
  • Future of Work

Module 4
Digital Transformation

  • Customer Centricity in Digital Age
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Business Development in Digital Era

Module 5
Business Innovation and Disruption

  • Design Thinking
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Managing Downturns

Module 6
Global Manager

  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Opportunity Analysis and Market Entry Strategies
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

"49% of companies focus will be on
Leadership and Management Development"4

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