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eMasters in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

From IIIT Hyderabad

The eMasters in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning program is specifically designed
for working professionals.

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IIIT Hyderabad Masters Degree
  • Profile selectionNo GATE Score required
  • Program duration 24 Months
  • Prestigious Exec. Ed. Alumni Status

eMasters in AI and Machine Learning Course Highlights

  • No GATE Score Selection on academic and
    professional background
  • IIIT-H eMasters eMasters program by IIIT Hyderabad designed to land you the tech job you are looking for.
  • High Impact Learning Unique learning by doing pedagogy with 1:1 mentoring, visit to IIIT Hyderabad campus.
  • Executive Friendly 24 months program, designed for working professionals.
  • IIIT-H Alumni Status Be a part of the prestigious IIIT Hyderabad alumni network with access to all the alumni privileges.
  • Career Access Career Advancement and Placement Support

IIIT Hyderabad eMasters in Computer Science: AI and Machine Learning Course Overview

The eMasters in Computer Science with a specialization in AI and Machine Learning is tailor-made for working professionals seeking to elevate their expertise while managing their professional commitments. This flexible two-year program offers a comprehensive curriculum developed by experts from IIIT Hyderabad. It caters to the diverse aspirations of professionals aiming for a eMasters in Computer Science with a specialization in AI and Machine Learning.

Designed to accommodate busy schedules, the online format ensures accessibility for professionals worldwide, fostering a global learning community. The curriculum focuses on real-world applications, empowering professionals to strengthen their computing fundamentals and stay ahead of the industry trends. eMasters in AI and Machine Learning program is mentored by a dynamic group of academicians and researchers from IIIT Hyderabad, professionals benefit from a rich learning experience that bridges theory and practical application.

This program equips working professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Whether aspiring to lead in their current roles, drive innovation, or transition to specialized fields, participants are prepared for success in the dynamic field of computer science. Invest in your future as a tech leader by enrolling in this eMasters program.

  • 20 years of Exceptional Hands-On Education
  • 3000+ Aspirants Empowered & Scaled their Careers
  • 15+ Independent Projects with Impact
  • 6 Industry Leading Co-op Partners

Get the eMasters Advantage

  • Transformative Pedagogy
    Backed by project-centric curriculum and hands-on application.
  • Industry Recognized Certification
    Many of the alumni have been scripting their career success today.
  • Achieve Mastery at your own pace
    Unlock new skills and get access to the best-in-class instructional materials.
  • AI-powered Virtual Learning
    You will get a true-to-life interactive experience while seamlessly pursuing learning.

About IIIT Hyderabad

Over the years, IIIT Hyderabad has evolved strong research programs in various areas, emphasizing technology and applied research for industry and society. The institute facilitates interdisciplinary research and a seamless flow of knowledge. Several world-renowned centers of excellence are part of IIIT Hyderabad’s research portfolio. It has established various joint collaboration and co-innovation models with an industry outreach spanning significant national and multinational companies. For more information, please visit www.iiit.ac.in

  • India's #1 AI Research Center and ML Lab
  • Largest Computer Science Research Group in India
  • #2 in All India Best Engineering Colleges - India Today
  • #1 Private University in India - Education World India Higher Education Rankings for 2022 - 23
  • Recognized by
    ARIIA 2021 - GoI

eMasters in Computer Science:
AI and Machine Learning: Curriculum

A well-researched real-world curriculum is designed by experts at IIIT Hyderabad to enable aspirants to build knowledge
and strengthen their computing fundamentals.

  • Unit 1

    • Math for Computer Science - I
      (Discrete Math, Basic probability, Matrices)
    • Principles of Computation and Programming
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Unit 2

    • Computer Systems - I
    • Computer Systems - II
    • Math for Computer Science - II
      (Linear Algebra, Probability)
  • Unit 3

    • Algorithm Design Data Structures and Analysis
    • Database Management Systems
    • Principles of Software Engineering
  • Unit 4

    • Computer Science for Data
    • Neural Networks
    • Deep Learning
    • Capstone/ Advanced Topics

Program Structure

  • Duration
    24 Months (4 Semesters) includes Core Modules and Specialization Modules.
  • Total Credits
    1. 1. Semester I - 15 Credits
    2. 2. Semester II - 15 Credits
    3. 3. Semester III - 15 Credits
    4. 4. Semester IV - 10 Credits
    5. 5. Reading Papers - 3 Credits
    6. 6. Capstone Projects - 10 credits

    Limited number of credits are transferable to IIIT’s regular MTech programme

Executive Friendly Weekly Schedule

  • Learn at your own pace Unlock new skills and get access to the instructional materials
  • Evaluate your learning Take an assessment on the topics learned in that week
  • Apply your learning Apply the skills learned by doing real time projects


  • Get an eMasters from IIIT Hyderabad
  • Become a part of IIIT Hyderabad’s alumni network
  • Develop practical skills in software development
  • Get insights on Emerging Technologies
  • Solve complex problems using design thinking approach
  • Join a diverse community of like-minded industry professionals

Faculty Group of Renowned Academicians and Researchers

Learn from the experts working at the forefront of software development, computing and emerging technologies.